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Step 1


We welcome every opportunity to connect with you to understand your business and requirements – whether it be in person or via voice or video calling.


A proposal is then generated, outlining our approach, deliverables and associated costs. Upon acceptance of the proposal, terms of services and paying the retainer, the project commences.

Step 2


Production commences with prepping for the shoot. All batteries get charged. Cameras get tested and settings double checked. Lenses get polished. Selected lights and accessories get tested and packed.


Multiple cameras are used on site, some purely as backups. As redundancy, images are captured in RAW format on 2 memory cards per camera.

Step 3


Typically, we would arrive early and introduce ourselves. After surveying the scene, we set up accordingly and begin creating and capturing great images.


Once we’ve achieved the brief, it’s a wrap and all equipment and memory cards securely stored away.

Step 4

Post Production

Back in the office, all the images are downloaded and backed up in several places.


Next, per the requirements of the project, we go through a process of shortlisting to eliminate all duplicates and unusable images. The remaining images are then imported into the editing suite.

Step 5


The process of editing is perhaps the most labour intensive, ranging from 5 hours of processing per hour of shooting to 30 min per image!


Images typically undergo colour and tonal adjustments. Depending on the requirements of the project, advance editing may be performed.


See examples below.

Step 6


Provided that all the terms of services have been met and that we are satisfied that we’ve delivered on the initial brief, all agreed upon images, products and applicable usage licences are handed over to you. Any outstanding balances are settled.


It’s our express desire that we’re able to offer you a great experience and exceptional products and services. If this was your experience, we’d be immensely appreciative if you spread the word…

Basic Editing

Colour and tonal adjustments

Advanced Editing

Basic adjustments + blemish removal, skin treatment, eye brightening

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